Are you are rehabilitation provider who is passionate about delivering a high quality service?
Are you spending time in the business rather than on the business?
Is your business growing faster than you had expected and you haven’t had time to spend on quality?
Do you want to go on leave and know that your business can run without you?
Are you frustrated that your new consultants are not delivering services?
Are you receiving multiple complaints for the same quality issues?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, On Track Occupational Therapy can assist you.

On Track Occupational Therapy believes that to be a leading provider that produces quality outcomes you must:

  • Have a structured, planned and systematic quality system;
  • Develop clear and easy to follow policy and procedures;
  • Be committed to continuous improvement;
  • Provide consistent and regular training to your staff; and
  • Obtain regular feedback from customers, staff and clients.

Only through the evaluation of your service delivery performance outcomes, and the system and documents supporting these, can a business successfully achieve objective improvements to meet customer needs.

On Track Occupational Therapy is committed to supporting rehabilitation providers to achieve high quality and compliance and continual improvement in their organization. We are able to do this through:

  • Independent auditing of current policies and procedures, files and staff knowledge;
  • WorkCover Self Evaluation Audits;
  • Assistance with the development or review of policies and procedures;
  • Development of continuous improvement strategies tailored to your business needs; and
  • Staff training packages on areas such as induction, quality, OT specific assessments, WorkCover Principles of Rehabilitation and Self Evaluation process.

Please contact Rachael Hay directly on 0406422311 to discuss your business needs and to arrange a quote.