Ergonomic Set Up: Tip 5/5 – How to position yourself at the desk


Here is the final tip of the series on how to sit more comfortably at work.

Unfortunately many desks in the workplace are not adjustable and therefore we need to adjust our chairs and our own sitting position to fit to the desk height.  Here are some simple tips on how to sit more comfortably at your desk.

> More often than not I see people sitting too low in their chairs compared to the height of their desks.

> This leads to raising of the shoulders and increased neck pain when accessing the keyboard and mouse.

> I would recommend firstly adjusting the height of your chair.  You will often need to raise your chair to allow your forearms to be at approximately 90 degrees when operating the keyboard.

> Once your chair has been raised, unless you are reasonably tall or your desk is quite low, you will find that your feet are now dangling above the ground.  You will then be sitting away from your backrest perching on the chair which is not recommended as this can increase lower upper back pain.

> This is when you need to purchase a footrest and place this below your feet.  A footrest will provide you with support and help you sit back into your chair.  You can use any type of support under your feet but footrests are stable and slightly angled which will assist you with your posture.

> Lastly, remember once you have raised your chair you will also then need to adjust your monitor so your eyes fall to the top 1/3 to prevent you from leaning forward and looking down at the screen which can lead to neck and back pain.

Good luck with making all the changes I’ve discussed in this series.  Remember if you are unsure please speak with your HR manager to arrange for an expert to come and conduct a thorough assessment of your workstation.


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