Ergonomic Set Up: Tip 4/5 – Get moving and out of your chair!





Happy Friday everyone!  Now as the week comes to an end we are often feeling really tired, stiff and sore.  Particularly if we have been doing long hours sitting at our desks.  Here are some simple tips get your up and out of your chairs and moving more regularly.

> It is important to take a break and get up out of your chair at least every 50 minutes.  This is not only important for your body but also your mind.

> You will find that you are actually more productive if you complete tasks in short periods rather than working for hours at a time.

> It doesn’t have to be a long break but it is so important to adjust your posture and move.

> Use a timer either on your computer or phone to remind yourself to take a break.

> Try mixing things up at work by having standing or walking meetings.  Getting out of the office environment into fresh air will  make you feel amazing! Most of the time you won’t even write anything of importance down on the note pad that you bring with you to meetings – it is usually filled with scribbles because you are not paying attention and can’t concentrate!

> Try to do some simple stretches throughout the day.  It is important to stretch your back, neck and forearm/wrists as these are the  areas most regularly aggravated by prolonged sitting and computer based tasks.

> Keep a glass of water on the desk at all times.  Being hydrated is not only important to assist with your concentration but will also make you get up regularly to refill the glass . . . and will get up to go to the toilet more regularly too 🙂

So try to make a difference to your routine starting right now – go on get up and out of your chair and get moving!

Have a great weekend everyone and stay tuned for the last tip on how to work more comfortably at your desk.

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