Ergonomic Set Up: Tip 3/5 – Phone use



We all seem to be time poor these days and multitasking is becoming a necessity.  This is often the case when we are talking on the phone (or on hold for hours with Telstra!)  Many of us will talk on the phone and attempt to complete tasks such as operating our computers at the same time, cradling the phone in-between our shoulder and neck.  This sustained position can lead to increased pain and discomfort in the neck.  Here are some simple tips to feel more comfortable when using the phone when working on the computer.


> Use a headset which can be attached to your work landline phone.  These come in a variety of options including cordless (Yes you can look like the lady from the AAMI add!).

> Use your handsfree earphones when using your mobile phone.

> If you work in your own office space use the speaker function on your phone.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for some more tips on how to be more comfortable when working at your desk.



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