Ergonomic Set Up: Tip 2/5 – Working on your laptop




These days we are all using laptops more regularly than PCs both at home and at work.  Often we do not take the time to set up our laptops correctly leading to poor postures and in turn more aches and pains in our necks, backs and arms.

Here are some simple tips that you can apply to be more comfortable using your laptop at work, home and when you are travelling.

> Purchase a separate keyboard and mouse (you can purchase wireless options which a lightweight so they are easy to transport).

> Raise your laptop so that your eyes fall to the top 1/3 of the screen.  This helps with reducing neck strain and encourages you to sit back into your chair.

> You can raise your laptop using books, phone books or purchase a specific laptop raiser (these are handy if you are travelling frequently).

> If using your laptop at home or out and about, try to make sure that you use your laptop at a desk with an appropriate chair rather than sitting on the couch, in bed or on the kitchen table.

> If you can’t find an appropriate chair to sit on when out of the office, try to find a standing workstation to use your laptop.  This is a great option when at locations such as the airport.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another tip on ways to feel more comfortable when working at your desk.





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