On Track Occupational Therapy is a rehabilitation provider who is quite simply passionate about assisting people to get their independence, health and wellbeing ON TRACK. We believe that understanding about and caring for our health is important.  Our goal is to provide people with the resources and education to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

Our key focus is to:

  • Provide health and wellbeing strategies for corporate workplaces;
  • Assist the ageing population to remain independent in their home; and
  • Empower claimants who have sustained an injury or illness to return to their pre-accident or pre-disability functional capacity.

We regularly work with people who have been impacted by an injury or illness.  We understand that often these changes in health can impact their ability to carry out their usual activities of daily living.  Our commitment as Occupational Therapists is to improve our client’s quality of life  and health by implementing goal orientated intervention programs which are focused on increasing their independence.






The three core areas of the business includes: